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 lo the wisp guy

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!BSU! Not-so-newbie

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PostSubject: lo the wisp guy   Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:33 pm


Its not the best replay(kind of boring) but its a new strat I'm working on just need to practice it more. Overcharge is awesome spell it gives a shit load of attack speed to yourself and whoever you are attached to. I noticed a sort of bug while watching the replay that it wouldn't show the tether all the time. Just so you know I try to stay tethered to my creep or other heroes all the time since it lasts for 12 seconds and the cool down is only 12 seconds so you can basically be perma tethered and it only costs like 30 or 40 mana points to cast it. Don't forgot to use your overcharge whenever in a battle(there's no cool down or initial mana cost[its only over time]), especially when tethered to your teammates since it will give them awesome attack speed.

**Note that now since I don't host anymore you'll have to put up with the annoying bug where while your watching a replay it will change the camera view to the host's fountain whenever the host revives his hero.**
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lo the wisp guy
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